What is the IATA?

What is the IATA?

IATA stands for the International Air Transport Association. It is a trade association that represents and serves the airline industry worldwide.

IATA was established in 1945 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The association has over 290 member airlines from 120 countries, representing around 82% of total air traffic.

The main role of IATA is to support and represent the airline industry in various areas, including safety, security, sustainability, and efficiency. Some of the key functions of IATA include:

  • Developing industry standards and best practices – IATA works to establish global standards and recommended practices for safety, security, and operational efficiency in air transport.
  • Advocating for the industry – IATA represents the interests of the airline industry in discussions with governments, regulators, and other stakeholders on issues such as taxes, fees, and regulations.
  • Providing services and support to members – IATA offers a range of services to its members, including training programs, data and analytics, and operational support.
  • Promoting sustainability – IATA is committed to promoting sustainability in the airline industry, including efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable aviation fuels, and minimize waste and pollution.

Overall, IATA plays a crucial role in supporting the airline industry and promoting safe, secure, and sustainable air transport.