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Maritime Law

Our expertise in maritime law allows us to represent clients in a variety of matters, including maritime accidents, cargo disputes, and vessel arrests. We have a deep understanding of the unique legal issues that arise in the maritime industry and are committed to protecting the interests of our clients. We offer legal advice and representation to clients involved in maritime-related issues, including vessel collisions, personal injury claims, cargo damage claims, marine insurance claims, and more.

Transportation Law

Our transportation law practice covers a wide range of legal matters, including motor carrier law, aviation law, and railroad law. We provide legal representation to clients in transportation-related disputes and regulatory matters.

Commercial & Corporate Law

We provide legal services to a wide range of commercial and corporate clients, including small businesses, large corporations, and multinational companies. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of commercial law and are experienced in handling contract disputes, shareholder disputes, and corporate governance matters.

Insurance Law

Our Office is representing insurers and insureds in complex insurance disputes. Our Office have a thorough understanding of insurance law and are skilled in negotiating settlements and litigating insurance-related matters.

Contract Law

Our Office has extensive experience drafting and negotiating various types of contracts, including commercial contracts, employment contracts, and service agreements. We also provide representation in contract disputes and breach of contract claims.

Labour Law

We provide legal services to both employers and employees on a wide range of labour law matters, including employment contracts, labour disputes, and collective bargaining agreements. We also advise clients on compliance with labour regulations and laws.

Criminal Law

We provide legal representation to clients facing criminal charges. Our office is experienced in handling all types of criminal matters, including white-collar crimes, and maritime crime.

Inheritance Law

We provide legal services related to estate planning, wills, and trusts. Our Office can help clients navigate complex inheritance laws and ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes.

Property Law

We provide legal services related to property ownership, acquisition, and transfer. Our team is skilled in handling property disputes, lease agreements, and real estate transactions.