What is an Apostil?

What is an Apostil?

Apostil is a document certification system conforming authenticity of a document and ensuring legal use of such document in another country.

Rules of apostil were established in Hague Convention dated October 6, 1961. Apostil rules are valid only for/between members or parties of Hague Convention. By this document certification system, the institution, such as a local authority, ministry, etc. determined by related member or state party, confirms authenticity of the document and transforms it into a legal format in order to be used in another member or state party within the framework of the rules established in Hague Convention dated October 6, 1961.

The document confirmed by apostil is accepted as a document valid in all member and state parties of Hague Convention.


This annotation is added to an official document issued in Turkey (such as court ruling, criminal record, registration, corporate charter, etc.), and overseas validity of such document is enhanced, or apostil annotation is added to a document issued in a foreign country by respective authorities of such country and it is ensured to be valid in Turkey or another country.


Authenticity of the signature and stamp of the foreign official unit, by which respective transaction has been carried out for the foreign official document, should be confirmed by the Turkish Consulate located in the place of transaction.

If the foreign official document has been confirmed by the related Turkish Consulate, firstly the document is translated and it is used in following transactions.

A document, issued in Turkey but to be delivered abroad, should be added apostil (validated) for validity of the authority to confirm, signature and stamp of the notary and the personnel authorised to sign.

It would be appropriate to remind respective people that translations to be delivered abroad should be confirmed (added apostil) by the governors in provinces and district governors in districts.

When an apostil annotation is added to a document, it becomes valid in all contracting countries; however, this does not mean that such document will be automatically executed in other countries. For instance; when people getting divorced in Germany are not deemed to have been divorced in Turkey when they add apostil annotation to the decree of nullity. In Turkey, they have to follow recognition-endorsement procedure. For recognition-endorsement, the document should have apostil annotation. In fact, the function of this document is to prove that related document has been issued by official bodies.

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