How is Turkish Citizenship acquired?

How is Turkish Citizenship acquired?

It is the state of acquisition of Turkish citizenship by a foreigner who does not have citizenship connection with Republic of Turkey. As we have mentioned before, it is possible to be Turkish citizen by purchasing real estate at the amount of 250.000 USD. We call this acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment or subsequent acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

How is Turkish citizenship acquired in 2022?

What are conditions for Turkish citizenship? Which documents are required for Turkish citizenship in 2022? Where to apply for Turkish citizenship? How long does it take to acquire Turkish citizenship?

How is Turkish citizenship acquired?

The question “how is Turkish citizenship acquired?” is one of the leading questions tried to be answered by foreign nationals living in Turkey. Turkish Citizenship is acquired after evaluation process carried out by authorised bodies of state and commissions as a result of the confirmation of the application made by foreigners, who complete legal life period in Turkey or who meet exceptional conditions to provincial directorates of civil registration located in the province they reside.

What are the conditions for being a Turkish citizen?

The question “what are the conditions/requirements for being a Turkish citizen?” is one of frequently asked questions. Conditions for acquisition of Turkish citizenship may differ according to the type of application for Turkish citizenship

Requirements for Turkish citizenship:

  • The applicant should be an adult according the laws of country of nationality; if he/she is a stateless person, he/she should be at the age of 18 according to Turkish Civil Code
  • The person should have mental competence
  • Living legally in Turkey for at least 5 years before application (Short-term residence permits for touristic purposes are not taken into consideration during application for citizenship.)
  • Acting determinant for settling in Turkey by means of behaviours (purchasing real estate, establishing workplace, employing Turkish citizens, etc.)
  • Not having a dangerous disease threatening public health
  • Having nobility and abiding by decencies
  • Knowing and being able to speak Turkish sufficiently
  • Not being a source of threat against national security and public order
  • Having sufficient income to reside in Turkey
  • Having documents required for Turkish citizenship

Moreover, you can acquire citizenship by marring to a Turkish citizen or purchasing real estate in Turkey or investing capital.

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